Spring Cleaning Money Saving Tips for your HVAC!


We all expect when springtime rolls around to turn on our air conditioner and have it start up and run year after year with no problems. Fact of the matter is that our HVAC systems need some TLC in the spring and fall to get them ready for the hard-working months of summer and winter. These few tips can help your system work more efficiently, resulting in less premature breakdown and money in your pocket.

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Change the filter. This tip is number one because it is easy to do and can have a big impact on the health of your HVAC system. A clean filter can reduce your energy usage by 15%. Proper air flow is essential for peak performance and electric savings. If your filter is disposable, replace it every month on a day that is easy to remember like the first of the month. If it is a permanent filter, take it out, rinse and dry it off monthly.

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Remove obstructions around your outside system. Though the condenser is located outside your home, you cannot afford to sacrifice it to the elements. Inspect the unit at least twice a month and remove loose vegetation and debris. Standing vegetation surrounding your air conditioner should not be allowed to grow within two feet of the unit. Lightly rinse the fins and cage with a hose to loosen any debris that may be blocking air flow. This clear zone allows your air conditioner to pull in the air it needs to control the temperature in your home.

Wet/Dry vacuum out drain line. Attach the wet vac to the exterior drain line (usually white PVC pipe) and let run for 10-15 minutes to clear debris, fungi, and algae from the line. A small attachment is best to seal line while running the wet vac. This process should clear any build up in the line that may clog the system later causing breakdown when you need it most.

Add a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats allow you to program the temperature so you can set your home to be warmer during periods when you are away and more comfortable when you are home. The system will also communicate with you and provide ways of saving even more energy and lowering your monthly bill.

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Dry out your dehumidifier. Depending on the time of year, a dehumidifier can be invaluable. To be sure it is working at maximum capacity, remove the outer casing and allow your system to dry. Once the system is dry, vacuum the entire unit to remove excess dirt and debris before putting it back together.

Clean the bathroom fans. Your bathroom fans work hard all year, and this is the perfect time to ensure the work they do is as efficient as possible. Remove the covers from your fans and wash them with soap and water. Once the covers are off, use a toothbrush to clean the fan blades before reapplying the cover. Make sure the power is off before starting this task.

Perform annual maintenance on home generators. Home generators are a great way to ensure your home maintains power through black outs. Like HVAC systems, annual maintenance is necessary to keep them running smoothly in times of need. The battery charge should be checked, and an oil change performed after 100 hours of continual use.

Other cost saving tips: Open inside vents and doors for better airflow throughout the house. Close blinds or curtains to keep outside heat from warming up your home. Seal windows and doors to keep the warm air outside.

Spring cleaning is an essential part of caring for your HVAC system in order to keep it operating efficiently and to avoid premature breakdown.

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