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  • Installation

    • What brands do you sell?

      Mitsubishi and Goodman.

    • What can I expect to pay for a complete Heat Pump system?

      Depending on the system, level of customization, features, and size of home and unit(s). Cost can range from $2500.00 (for a single head Mistubishi mini split for a single room) and up. National average $7000.00.

    • What is the warranty on a new HVAC Complete System?

      As an Elite Diamond dealer we offer 5 year for labor, and 12 year for parts on all Mitsubishi Systems. Other systems vary by manufacturer.

    • What is S.E.E.R.?

      S.E.E.R. stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is the calculated energy consumption of an air conditioner. The S.E.E.R. rating starts at 14 and goes up, 14 being the standard. Presently you may find systems up to 22 S.E.E.R. ratings in conventional with Mitsuishi reaching as high as 44 S.E.E.R.

    • How much will I save on my electric bill by installing a new air conditioner?

      General savings would be around 30% for a 10-year-old system; this also various from unit to unit, based on S.E.E.R. and Consumption of Electricity based on each home’s usage and price per kilowatt from the electric company.

    • What is the Evaporator or "A" Coil?

      It is the coil that is installed on the supply air side of the furnace or air handler. In most models the coil is built in the form of the capital letter “A”. Its function is to change the refrigerant from a liquid to a gas causing a cooling effect. This coil becomes very cold and as the warmer air from the home blows over it, the air becomes cooled and water in the air is removed.

    • What is the condenser?

      It is the part of the a/c system that sits outside. After the evaporator coil turns the refrigerant liquid into a gas, the condenser condenses the refrigerant back into a liquid. It is also where the compressor is located that pumps the refrigerant back and forth to and from the evaporator coil. 

    • What is the compressor?

      It is what pumps the refrigerant back and forth from the condenser to the evaporator coil. It is the “heart”  located in the condensing unit.

    • Why is my home hotter on the second floor?

      Remember that heat rises and there is a large heat load on the roof of your home. Unless you have a separate system for the second floor, the thermostat will be located on the 1st floor. When the temperature on the 1st floor satisfies, the thermostat turns the a/c system off. If the thermostat is on the first floor it can’t recognize the warmer 2nd floor. Proper attic insulation, correctly sized ductwork and zoning may help the temperature difference.

    • Is it better to install a larger size A/C than needed?

      No. If the a/c is too large, it will “short cycle” resulting in loss of proper humidity removal. Also, it will cool the house too quickly. This will make the house feel cool but damp causing mildew issues. It will also shorten the life of the unit.

    • How long does it take to install a new A/C system?

      A standard installation takes 6 to 8 hours.

    • What is R410a?

      R-410A is the earth friendly “green” coolant that has replaced R-22. Since 2010 the federal law requires that R-22 be phased out.

    • What is R-22?

      R-22 is currently being phased out as a common refrigerant. 

  • General

    • What are your normal hours of business?

      Normal operating hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm with emergency service available.

    • What is the cost of a service call?
    • What is the warranty on your service repair?

      30 days for labor, and 1 year for parts.

    • What is your average response time for a service call?

      1-4 hours.

    • How often do I need to have my equipment serviced?

      It is recommended that you have a qualified technician look at your system 2 times per year during the spring and fall.

    • What brands or units do you service?

      All makes and models.

    • Does the Technician have all the repair parts I need on his truck?

      Technicians carry a wide variety of parts on his truck, however if additional parts are needed, they are ordered from the factory.

    • How often do I need to change my filter?


    • Why do I have water leaking from my air handler?

      The most common reason for water discharging from the air handler is the drain line is clogged. This may not always be the case but this is the most common occurrence. 

    • Why did my compressor fail?

      Compressor failure can be caused by several issues such as: age, power spikes, power failures, low refrigerant, poor installation practices and lack of maintenance. A proper diagnosis will determine the cause of the compressor failure.

    • What is the difference between my air handler and my condenser?

      The air handler is the inside unit usually installed in the garage, attic,  interior closet, or in the crawl space under the home. The condenser is the unit on the outside of the home. If you have a package unit, you will only have the outside equipment.